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On-site Services

         Let ARC WorkPlace Services come to your jobsite and help you with all your medical testing needs, saving employee's time and wages.  With us coming to the jobsite, employees can take a break from their duty to have a quick medical exam done and be back to work in no time.  No more traveling miles away to have your testing done, with one phone call we will be at your jobsite. 

​"You can be assured – we have a commitment to excellence when it comes to the level of care we provide.​"

pulmonary function

Pulmonary Function Testing is done using top of the line spirometry systems that are calibrated daily to insure the most accurate results.  All tests will be done by a NIOSH trained technician to follow all OSHA and MSHA regulations.  Results are then compared and stored electronically insuring complete accuracy and trending over the years.  The patient is then assessed and cleared to wear a respirator.

respirator fit test

Qualitative and Qantitative Respirator Fit testing is done using a certified 3M and PortaCount testing systems by a trained technician to meet all OSHA and MSHA standards.  The patient will be trained on the proper use, storage and cleaning of the respirator a long with fitting technique.  All patients will be trained on proper purifying cartridge installation and removal.

physical examiniation

An examination will assess all areas of the body to insure that your employees are healthly and fit to be working in the necessary environment.  Vision, urinalysis, height, weight, blood pressure and the review of body systems will be assessed.  Physicals will be done to meet DOT, MSHA or OSHA standards at your request.

​drug and alcohol testing

Drug and Alcohol Testing is done to determine the use of all drugs such as Marijuana, Cocaine, PCP, Methamphetamines and Heroine.  This can be done for pre-employment, randomly, post-accident, and reasonable suspicion.  Alcohol testing is done with an EBT-IV that is certified and calibrated for accurate results.  Testing is done by a certified and trained technician. 


Mobile Chest X-rays can be provided in our state of the art mobile medical units.  These can be done in compliance with physicals to assure that pulmonary disease is not acquired on the job site.  Basic and B-Read Chest X-Rays are offered.


Audiograms are done using certified and calibrated air conduction audio booths with the top of the line EarScan3 audiometers.  This insures the most accurate results possible.  All tests will be done by a CAOHC certified technician to meet all OSHA and MSHA standards.  Results are then compared and stored electronically to determine standard threshold shifts (STS) and age correlation rankings.


Onsite administration of immunizations and records are maintained electronically.  TDap, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, TwinRix and Influenza immunizations are offered.  Tuberculosis testing and readings can also be done onsite.

lab testing

Lab testing can be done onsite such as workplace exposure testing, titer testing and heavy metal testing.  This will ensure that employees are safe and not being exposed to hazardous waste and materials.

accessible. ​reliable. convenient.

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