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Men's Health

Over 10 million men are experiencing low levels of testosterone, essential vitamins and hormones.  Feeling tired all the time, not wanting to participate at work and home?  Continually feeling sleepy, weak and out of shape waiting for the next coffee or energy drink?  Trying to eat right and exercise but feeling like nothing changes?  Often times these are symptoms that your internal levels are out-of-calibration.  With a simple blood test and painless shot you can feel younger, stronger and more energized.

Testosterone Replacement

Millions of men experience low testosterone, decreasing their energy, muscle mass, sex drive and sleep quality.  With a simple and painless shot once a week men are feeling energized, sleeping better, looking leaner and have a higher libido.

Physical & Body Monitoring

Annual physical exam and body monitoring is included in our men's health program.  We will help you get your health on track with body fat analysis, blood work trending, diet recommendations and physical exam.

Sleep Studies

We offer in home sleep studies from the comfort of your own bed.  Upon recommendation of our physicians a sleep study can be done at home and results will be reviewed in our office.  At which point our physicians can refer for an in-depth study or a sleep apnea machine can be prescribed. 

accessible. ​reliable. convenient.

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